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Hello, I am Yuichi!  I am a contemporary photographer in the Greater Seattle area, specialized in family photography.

My passion for photography started in 2012, when my wife and I were expecting our first son.  I love the joy of capturing beautiful moments and the fun of story-telling through images.

My heart sinks when beautiful parents with beautiful kids do not have any family photographs properly taken.  I want to capture the joy you share, reflecting it for you and your family to see and cherish.  My heart delights when you see the power of the photography, and when my pictures become part of your family history.

My preferred style is capturing family portraits in outdoor settings, both posed and candid.  I also enjoy indoor settings, more for the story-telling aspects.

I live in the Kenmore / Kirkland area, with a beautiful wife, a wonderful son, and a dog with limitless appetite.


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